Compound staffing is a continuous process of new volunteers taking the place of those who’ve already served. Ideally, we like to have three or four young women who work in clinic, assisting the Haitian nurses; one mechanic to keep our trail machines running; and one young man with some range of medical experience who will alternate between the clinic and transport runs. Depending on the administrative family, we also welcome a household girl to aid with cooking, cleaning, and occasional babysitting.

It is strongly recommended that clinic volunteers commit to a minimum of one year, especially because of the language learning aspect. In this respect, the position of mechanic and household help have a little more flexibility. Currently, we have positions open for any of the above… although a clinic guy and nurse’s aid are the most pressing needs. For more specific information on any one of the job descriptions, questions about lodging and mission policy, or response to feeling God’s leading to volunteer,

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