Head Trauma….

We just returned from Port last night to find Mis Leda working with this poor 10 year old boy….
He had fallen out of his parents garden (don’t smile, if you’ve never seen these gardens down
here) and severely banged up his head. He was unconscious for about 45 minutes, and
possibly has a fractured skull. But he has been very responsive and chipper today so far, so
we plan to keep him and monitor his condition for now. If he takes a noticeable turn for the
worse, we’ll probably try to get him out to the pediatric hospital in Port….

Our lighting is very poor for stuff like this, nothing like a flashlight to help out…….

Mis Leda doing a good job of stitching…….. I forget exactly but I think there were 6 seperate gashes
on his head that needed stitches…….

This gash is the one we suspected may have fractured the skull. It was difficult to see for sure, but it wasn’t
good at any rate. I’ll try to keep you posted when we see what happens with him…………
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