March 2013

I thought you’d be interested in seeing our doctor. His name is doctor Beneche, sounded out as “Benish”. He comes out every Friday, the nurses try to keep the worst cases for him to look at when he comes. A quick update on this gentleman with the large open sore on his hand, it looks a […]

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Baby, Stitch job, and Batel

    We’ll show you the baby pictures first! This little fellow was born Fri evening.   Mama and baby did very well.   He weighed 7lbs.    Here is a little girl who was going for water and fell hitting her head on a rock.   (She’s actually the daughter of the Aleg Kazak

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A little peek of some of the clinc staff at work!!!     Vicson, he’s one of the gate gaurds, he is always listening toBible on his mp3 player.  People sitting with a number, waiting for their name to be called  Fre. Direk, he fills out the dossiers when they come in andalso where

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     “Don’t fall!” I find myself trying to keep a grown man on the table as I stick a cotton-tipped applicator deep into his finger below a huge, open sore.     “It hurts.” You can imagine him moaning.      “I know,” is about all the comfort that I can supply, as I

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“Rocks Hurt”

   “I wonder why Steve stopped at the clinic,” Delwyn asked me as we drove passed around 9:30 on the way home from our traditional Sunday evening trip up the mountain to the orphanage.     This little 4 year old girl had been hit by a falling rock that came tumbling down the mountain, Miss

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All in a day’s work

Well, the babies have continued coming with amazing frequency in comparison to our normal 4-5 births a month.  By the 15th of March, we had a total of 7 births at the clinic.  This past week 2 of the deliveries came on Mis Leda’s day on call so this is her with the last baby.

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Another Little Angel

    “Now this IS a cute baby!”I told Anita. I am just washing the curly head of a new baby.    “You almost always say that,” she reminded me. Little cutie!     “Oh, I know.” I shrug and giggle. “Some just really are,” I excused myself. “And then some aren’t.” This is the

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One of those jobs

Sterilizing Normally you see these instruments in those bloody stitch job posts.  After a few weeks we accumulate quite of stack of dirty instruments, and then it’s time to dig out the sterilizer, roll up your sleeves and set to work.  (I have to say it’s one of those less favorite jobs.)   Here Rhoda and Megan

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   This little boy came to us yesterday with all the signs of not receiving the proper nutrition.    He is around 7 months old, and he was on mothers milk for only the first month of his life, after that they had him on regular milk, which is not a good thing to do,

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“The Mystery” !!!

   This morning when Anita and Rhoda came to the clinic there was a gentleman waiting for them by the name of Christian Gabriel. Hmmmmm, don’t often hear that name.    What we could gather from his wife and those with him, he had fallen on Saturday night sometimes, details are few because no one

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