October 2012

New Baby Girl!

This morning a lady in labor came into the clinic on a stretcher. After about an hour or so, a baby girl entered the world! I was reminded of the miracle of each new baby that comes into the world!! The baby weighed 4 Lbs. 3 oz.                  […]

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Emergency Run To. . .

. . . well, to the landslide. From the vantage point of the clinic roof, this is what could be seen yesterday mid morning. A stretcher was carried in with a pregnant lady who was seizing.   As we gathered more information, we learned that she was a 17 or 18 year old young lady

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Busy Day

     It’s Friday! I walk out the gate and say “Good-morning” to Grandpa Harold.     “Are you ready for another busy day?” he wonders.     I tell him I hope I am.     “Ready or not, it’s coming,” he jokes.     And it did. I walked over to the clinic and Fre Adolph is

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UP and Going

This morning we were very happy to send our malaria patient on her way.  After 4 liters of fluid, IV and 3 doses of chloroquine, she was in much better shape.  It’s always so encouraging to see progress.   (L to R)  Mother (who was sick), her aunt and baby

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     Good-morning! With coffee behind us, it’s time to unlock the gate and face another morning at the clinic.     Yesterday was an interesting day, with some twists to it. We started off with our re-bandaging patients, and then swung into the day. Thankfully, they looked pretty good, and we even sent the one

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SATs are Looking Good

On Wed evening we had a young mother come to the clinic in labor.  She was 20 years old, and it was her first baby.  We always keep more on the alert for a first time mom.  In some cases there would be complications and we would need to take them out for more advanced

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A Bad burn

This is a little girl who came to the clinic with a bad burn covering a large portion of her abdomen and smaller burns other places on her body.  Mis Leda saw her first and had several follow-up visits with her.  As time when on, it seemed to possibly have done internal damage or be

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Update on Eifadel

This is the little boy who was “Near Death’s Door”  Eifadel is progressing slowly, but he is progressing!  He now often gives a bright smile as I enter the hospital room.  I had hoped he’d have gone home by now, but even though the worse spot has improved greatly, his left knee is still quite

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     “Knock! Knock! Wake up Nurse Anita!”     So, Nurse Anita does. She walks up to the gate expecting to assist a lady to the clinic. But she is surprised. The lady is smiling.     “While I was knocking the baby came.” she explains easily.     This is the start to our Friday. It

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