July 2013

Clinic Staff

    I have gotten an number of requests from you to put on pictures of all our clinic staff, these are as up to date as they can get, and there are two missing, they weren’t working today. Mis Joseline. She is always picture shy but nice about it. Mis Leda, a very good […]

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God loves them all!

This week has been full to overflowing at the clinic.   We’ve had quite a few challenging cases as well as babies born which often means some short nights!   On Monday this little fellow pictured below was brought in by his mom.  The mother claimed to have been pregnant with the child for 15

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Nourishing the Needy Program

   I thought it would be good to write an update to let new subscribers know about the Nourishing the Needy and also give an update on how it has been going for us. But most of all I want to take this time to express sincere thankfulness to God who stirs people’s hearts to

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Let the little children come!

 It’s Tuesday afternoon in Aleg. The sun shines hot as Mis Rhoda finishes translating her bible story into kreyol and grabs her felt board. I page through the kreyol songbook…finding a few children’s choruses. We open the compound gate and with many bounces and giggles and happy shouts from the children we finally make it

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Saturday Night Live

   I was almost asleep around mid night Saturday when I heard this distinct noise, “wow, what could that be”? You probably are wondering right now!!!! Yes, it was the very aggressive rap rap rap on the gate post. In fact it was the very knock that makes two of the nurses to scoot out

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Survival Techniques

When 4 babies decide to come in a weeks time, it keeps the nurses hopping.  And since lose of sleep is often involved, we have to find ways of surviving!  Travel mugs and coffee are great survival techniques!   Rhoda’s and my coffee cups from the birth yesterday.   Rho and I with the newest

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Staff Stuff

     I love saying Good-morning at the clinic. I like to shake all the hands and have all the cultural good-morning pecks on both cheeks from the other Haitian nurses. We have time to ask how the night was, or if we feel really grouchy, we have time to count pills or hide away

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A big thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I watched these two baby twins being held by their mother, I could only see the thankfulness written over their little faces, little “snoopy”!!! as his shirt says is anything but snoopy, he is full, his tummy is warmed with good nutritious milk, the little girl is wide awake, she is a bit lighter,

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What a Weekend!!!!!

A happy patient This man was in a while back and returned last week.  He has what looks to me to be a broken collar bone.  Well, when he came in last week, he was smiling from ear to ear.  Before he had been in intense pain and no wonder since his break hadn´t been

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Blessed are the flexible…

…for they shall never be bent out of shape! I often think of this when everything unexpected happens and nothing that WAS expected happens. 🙂 And then at the end of the day I look back and see what wonderful ‘gifts’ and blessings God dropped down in the midst of a very unexpected schedule. Like

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