August 2014

Her Heart Touches My Heart

    She came in a orange shirt. I thought she was pregnant. But she had a two month baby along with her, so that ruled out that possibility. She just looked so unwell, that she stuck out to us. We told her to jump the line and come into the consultation room.    She […]

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Random shots of Clinic life….

     If you love diversity, work in Aylgue Clinic!!! Sometimes after work is over we just have laugh at all we see and experience.  “Mis, are  you going to let my foot soak again today???” says the old blind grandpa that uses a match to hold the back of his baseball cap together. He is blind

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Picture Our Day

Is it that bad being a twin? One of our pregnancy program ladies had a surprise of twins born in her house. Everything went well, and at this point, the babies look great. Whitney and Marcile got to bathe them, and choose some cozy clothes for them.       Two of our patients this

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Can’t You Hear Me?

                            Meet Alexis. He is thirty-two. He arrived in our hospital, breathing hard. We tried to make him comfortable. We put him on oxygen. We arranged his pillows. We dosed up some meds. As soon as  we left his bed, he called out, “Nurse, nurse! Come here. Don’t you see me?”    So we returned. We arranged his

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Healing from the inside out

” Mis, please, I need to tell you sorry.” I nodded absent mindedly as I continued to apply pressure to his abcess.“Mis,I lied to you.” I looked up, slightly more interested, “About what did you lie?” ” I told you I was a Christian, but I am not.” I put my gauze down on the

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Four New Faces

Ah, back to blogging, and having a hard time of it deciding WHAT to blog, ’cause so many things have happened since I got back!  Maybe I should have blogged sooner.  🙂  Two very full weeks have rushed by, sweeping me right back into the strong current of constant clinic commotion and everyday life in Allegré, Haiti.  Sometimes it feels

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A Stitch In Line

…when a Band-Aid just won’t fix it.   The two stitch jobs below are the two I mentioned awhile back. This guy told us that his brother got angry at him and his mom gave his brother a knife and he cut him with it.   Ugly story, beautiful healing… Lovenski, the 9-yr old boy

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