September 2013

Visiting Elvie

  Whitney, me, Dr Felix, Bro. Mark (background), and Elvie’s daughterElvie on the bed This story This story didn’t just happen, but I still wanted to tell it!  After clinic last Fri, we gathered supplies, headed home for a quick lunch, and then loaded into the Bobcat to do a house visit.  This house call … Read more

The little Sam boy…

 I was just letting out a deep sigh of relief after a rather stressful birth on Saturday, when I was called outside to check a patient. He was laying in the arms of his mother…and I almost had to dig around in the blankets to find him. A tiny, itsy-bitsy, face peered out at me. … Read more

Loud, kicking, screaming, uuuuu another hit.

Sunday afternoon we got word there's a dad by the gate with his son who needs medical help. The picture talks plenty enough. He fell and he cut his upper for head open and his chin as well. He would not be comforted whatsoever and after hours of hard work Rhoda and Katie were excited … Read more

Diagnosis of the boy with the clouded eye.

Here is the diagnoses we received from the clinic out by Titayan where we sent the little boy with the clouded eye. Also an update from this morning. He came to the clinic this morning and Anita is now working on trying to book him in with a surgeon in Port for the needed surgery. … Read more

Patient transfer and house call.

Taking a patient to Grafu.     On Wednesday I came home from church to find out that Glenden is taking Anita and Katie to Grafu for a house call, so I jumped with. First we picked up this gentleman above, he is I believe 87 years old and has different ailments, shigilosis for one … Read more

Where Is My Toothbrush?

      Besides telling some people it is a good idea to brush their teeth, we have been having fun giving out a few free toothbrushes, tooth paste, and bath towels recently.     Somewhere in the fluff and stuff we found we have these nice little hygiene kits waiting for recipients. Well, giving things … Read more


Whitney entering med’s inventory Rhoda and Whitney spend a good part of each Saturdayin the pharmacy restocking and doing inventory, Last night I answered a knock at the gate before the others got home formthe orphanage, there were 36 people with him, he was said to have fallen onthe mountain and hurt his eye. Smelling … Read more

Balloon Day!

Possibly these happy little faces won’t mean as much to everyone else as they do to us nurses.  We decided to have balloon day for the children and give a balloon to each child that came through the clinic.  It was fun to see their responses! This little fellow has been coming with an abscess … Read more

A baby in the night… Whitney Reporting!

 Last Thursday night we girls had just finished spending a relaxing girl’s evening together down at ‘Nita and Rho’s abode when we heard someone ring the doorbell… The gate, that is.  Someone was making a clatter at the gate, summoning for our attention. Glenden soon answered the call and came back shortly, telling us what … Read more

Cholera, Hungry Baby’s, Stitches and Katie’s Flying Pen!!!!!!!!!!

We had another person coming in with cholera thismorning, Glenden and I took him to the clinic/hospital inBasis. Here I’m disinfecting the machine before we comeback home. This mom has had 5 baby’s and this time she just doesn’thave enough milk for it. So we are most likely going to beputting it on the Milk … Read more

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