January 2014

Jean Franz (Jah Frahs)

…is the 16 year old boy who first showed up at the clinic Jan 7th, with a very badly burnt foot.   (I think Rho briefly mentioned him awhile back)  They said he fell into the fire.  At first we couldn’t tell how deep the damage was.  We cleaned it and bandaged it with B&W creme and gave him … Read more

Get Up!-It’s Monday….

  The other morning I woke up and ran to the door. “What?” I yelled.    Nobody was there. It was just a bad dream.    Well, this morning, someone WAS there, when I ran to answer the call.    “Are you up yet?” Steve wondered.    “Yes,” I said, trying to make it sound … Read more

It’s About Time

…for another blog post!  Sometimes we have a hard time finding something interesting to blog about.  Sometimes we have lots to blog, but we get so busy with everything happening that we just don’t have time to blog anything.  And then sometimes we have something to blog and the time to blog it, but really bad internet connection.  … Read more

In Search of Good Moms…

         It was a busy day, and I kept passing Whitney in the hall, as she sailed around, checking on her patients, and bandaging the burn boy. Have you met him yet?     We love him. His name is Jean Franz, and, in spite of the pain of a very serious burn, … Read more

The Lord Giveth, and the Lord Taketh Away

…blessed  be the name of the Lord!   That verse has been on my mind the past few days, seeing the miracle of new life beginning, and the finality of life on earth ending.Monday morning we heard there was a mother in labor on her way to the clinic.    Rho ran down to the clinic to prepare for … Read more

Hives Alive-On Nurse Katie

     “Katie, what is wrong?” I looked hard at Katie writhing on the bed, and thought I heard her sniffing.    “I don’t know,” she moaned. And she kept moaning. And moaning. Then she started to gasp and sat up straight on the edge of the bed.    Since she had just showed me … Read more

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