June 2013

Sweet faces

Here is Mis Anita back again to give you a little glimpse into clinic life from my angle.   Below is a sweet, healthy 6 month old baby boy with his mama.  He is her only child and she loves him dearly.  Now she seems to have some form of heart failure which makes life … Read more

Back in Haiti!

   Greetings in Jesus Name, “O, beloved Name of Jesus, Jesus, who changes not nor can be changed, what He says stands sure and steadfast.     I am very thankful for the rest the last few weeks back home in Manitoba. Was a great privilege to see family, also just as much the church family. … Read more

Of Clorox and Charcoal…

  I ran to the gate yesterday…and found my friend Juataz in a frantic state of mind with her arms wrapped around her little boy. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she told me he had drank clorox when she wasn’t looking. After much coaxing and bribing we got a whole cup of charcoal water into his little … Read more

Welcome Back Mis Rhoda!

After being home in the States for a visit, Rhoda arrived back in Aleg about 9 pm last evening.  It is SO good to have her back! This little guy arrived about 11:40 pm–like he was just waiting for her.   The lady in labor came in yesterday morning and made little progress all day, … Read more

A picture is worth a thousand words

Not many words needed    She is such a cutie The Dad, Mom, and Baby, just ready to leave.   They are the parents of 9 children-5 girls and 4 boys–a very sweet family.

A wonderfully, normal day

Yesterday the clinic staff had a nice, “normal” day, with no real emergencies and difficult cases. Extreme injuries make for interesting blog posts, but they’re unfortunate for the individual and when so many come in so often, it can wear a person out! So it was great to have an average, uneventful morning at the … Read more

A misdemeanor of the femur

      Today was Mis Katie’s day on call. And it was quiet…at first. The first one and a half hours were spent chatting with random Hatians who passed by on the trail or stopped to talk. Occasionally, conversations were interrupted by the words, “Bon swa, zomi mwen.” (Good evening, my friend.)      All at once, what should … Read more

Time to smell the roses

It’s been very refreshing the last few days to literally have time to smell the roses!  After 2 months of what seemed an extreme amount of emergencies and births, we’re getting a little break.  I’m sure the hospital room will be full again soon enough, but for now we’ll enjoy the opportunity to visit friends … Read more

Red Eye Reduction

This afternoon the nurses were summoned to the clinic to check out a little boy who was complaining about a bad cough and bloodshot eyes. His mother said he had the cough for a long time and had been coughing up some blood- now, however, the blood “moved into his eyes” she said.  The poor … Read more

A Glimpse into the life of Miss Katie

 …A fresh new morning after the rain with an invigorating breeze… AND a big mug of Dominican coffee. Just what I needed after making it to my pillow sometime in the wee hours of the morning. My last week has been full of blood pressure and bandage patients and BABIES. My limited creole vocabulary is being stretched to the … Read more

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