May 2012

A major infection!

A few weeks ago a man appeared at the clinic with some cloths wrapped around his lower leg- he was limping and seemed to be in quite a bit of pain. When the cloths were taken away this is what they found… The man’s ankle was being eaten away by a huge infection- his whole […]

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I have seen many pictures of little children from African, India, even Haiti here, sitting in the streets, or in washtubs, severely malnourished with thin arms and swollen bellies- but never have I seen one up close with my own eyes- until now, that is. I was in my office doing some paperwork when someone

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A Sad Case of Neglect

This child’s mother came to the clinic some time ago with what appeared to be congestive heart failure.  She was very sick and because of her illness had stopped nursing her baby.  We saw the baby then, but she seemed to be doing ok.  Now just recently they brought the baby in.  The little girl

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100 people!!

Today the clinic’s previous record of total consultations in a day (just over 70) was shattered, as the total amount of people seen today reached 100! When the nurses came to clinic around 9am there were already about 50 people waiting outside-  and more on the way! Amazingly enough, things went smooth for everyone and

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A man with cholera…

Saturday morning (5th) an elderly man was brought to our gate by a group of about 20 people; Michael went out to see what was wrong and they told him the man had a seizure. So, we took him into the clinic and, seeing that he was severely dehydrated, gave an an IV or two.

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Ouch… that must’ve hurt!

What happens when you are working to break up large rocks and one goes flying, smashing into your hand against another rock? This unfortunate man found out the hard way… The tip of his bone was actually sheared off by the rock’s impact. The tip of his finger was irreparable, so Michael decided to cut

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