November 2014

A Tale of Seven Tummies

There were three paracenteses done at the clinic today. THREE. The first one was on Wilfred, the young man that Whit mentioned in her last blog who had had one last Friday as well.  Dr. Felix was here again, and he had explained to Whit and I last week how to do a paracentesis, and apparently […]

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A Piece From My Perspective

  Ok.  I’m just trying to write a simple blog post.   Not a big deal, right?  But getting it started has felt like trying to start an engine on an empty tank.  Despite a little fooling sputter (or perhaps a sputtering fool, as I’m beginning to wonder about in my case), it simply doesn’t

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Rainy Days and Happy Endings

It’s a little easier to write a blog post if you have a definite subject in mind to write about.  I don’t really have one.  I just told Marcille this afternoon that I would take her turn for blogging today if she takes my turn for Friday since I’m planning to go out with Donny’s

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New Guy

Hi everybody! I am Hans Hertzler and I’m the newest member of the Gospel to Haiti clinic team. I believe I am here to fill the role of clinic director/ patient transport guy and all around help-out-where-needed person. My primary medical background is working as an EMT for a busy ambulance service in Oklahoma for

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Hold That Knife!

     Yesterday someone asked me what my dream day would be like. It seemed so funny. So out of context. It had been a busy Sunday, as usual, I might say. This person needing that medicine, that person wanting a few minutes to talk. Another person wanting something for a tooth ache. And then,

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