November 2011

A normal day at the Clinic!

People wait their turn outside, sitting on the wooden benches. As they are called inside, the patients have their blood pressure and weight charted. It’s very VERY hard work… πŸ™‚Fre Direk takes a snooze towards the end of the day. This dear lady asked to have her picture taken.She was just so thrilled when she … Read more

The baby that couldn’t breathe…

On Friday night there was another baby born at clinic (seems like the season for babies around here!) Unfortunately it wasn’t breathing once it was born, so Steve, Thea, and Anita had to do CPR (compressions and ventilations by bag valve maske with oxygen) for a while. The heart beat was good enough then that … Read more

Update on a Patient!

This is the lady we took out to T-Goave a little over 2 weeks ago for a C-section because of complications during her labor. Click here to see the blog post for that trip. We had the opportunity to bring her back to Aleg on Sunday and snapped a few pictures! She was so happy, … Read more

A cut above the rest…

Yesterday (after the clinic was closed) a lady and man came over to Steve’s house, needing some medical attention. The lady had a very bad cut on her shin that was about 3 inches across and pretty deep. They claimed that she had fallen onto a rock… Ugh… looked like it hurt pretty bad! Thea … Read more

New baby!

Two babies have been born recently here at the clinic! The first was a little girl, and the one this morning was a little boy! πŸ™‚ Just a note to those who send baby packages…Most babies are small here, so premie outfits are just perfect,as opposed to the outfit on this little girl πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ … Read more

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