December 2014

Christmas! And Other Miracles

    Merry Christmas!!!   Merry Christmas! We had a beautiful day for a party today. We threw our cultural qualms aside, and invited all of our clinic staff over for a Haitian/American meal. It was sunny and funny. We tried to sing a couple Christmas songs, and ended up relying quite a bit on … Read more

High Speed Delivery and Other Random Stuff

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to try out my recently purchased, old, large, Yamaha dirt bike on a “quick” run out the trail to Ti Goave. We had some lab results that needed picked up as well as a stool sample that needed taken in for testing for one of our patients. Before putting … Read more

A Thousand Words

-that’s what they say a picture is worth.  So I figure that by the time you’ve viewed all the pictures that I’m including in this post, you’ll have heard something like three thousand-five hundred words about our day.  Plus the minimal amount I intend to type in addition to that. Our consultation rooms stay full, … Read more

Do Angels Make Ginger Tea?

    There are certain things that break your heart. One is Kinsley. Partly because he’s angelicaly cute, and partly because he’s sick, but mostly because his mommy just walked off on him. Then, when Kinsley yells my name from beside the road, and runs into my arms like a little fuzz ball, nothing but … Read more

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