November 2013

A beautiful little Miracle…

  I bent over a massive bundle of blankets to see little Andeline’s itsy bitsy face. She was perfect. Mama’s first baby. Her parents proudly told me how she was born at their house, 2 months early. I unwrapped her and just stared at her tiny preemie form. Everything was perfect. Her heart was strong, … Read more

Bitter and Sweet Changes

A lot can change in a few weeks’ time!    Some things for better, some for worse.  We see a lot of both here at the clinic.   It’s always a special encouragment to get to see good changes-   like babies gaining weight, wounds healing up, and pain going away… And then- there’s the disappointing changes.  Like a tiny baby that … Read more

Everybody’s and Anybody’s

      … But God loves everybody. And wouldn’t He be blessed looking down on this sight? There was dear Miss Katie, bathing and combing this poor deserted lady. It was such an angel’s work. Clinic had just finished, but Miss Katie was not finished yet. She could not stand to see this poor … Read more

Of a Strange Growth and a Sliced Ear…

 It’s a cozy, rainy, afternoon. Ro and I ran through the rain to clinic this morning, with big mugs of hot coffee. Due to the rain, numbers have been down… but since the rain makes the steep trails more treacherous we’ve been seeing ugly gashes. And today- a sliced ear.  This poor little girl was … Read more

Good-morning, World !

     I had heard the knock, and it didn’t stop. I figured I couldn’t lie myself out of this one. Even if it was before six o’clock on a Saturday. I got up, and started wandering around looking for my wits.      And then, I heard Nate at the window, saying that someone … Read more

The Smiles and the Tears…

 Life is such a mixture of joy and pain. Back here in these mountains some days it seems the pain over rules the joy as we watch stooped, withered grannies hobble in the door… or wide-eyed children with tiny ribs poking out of translucent skin…or screaming babies with terrible, flaking, skin infections…or screaming little boys … Read more

The Best Yet!

    Thursday morning started with a knock at the gate around 6:30…so you guessed it! A lady in labor. I went and had a quick check on her before clinic, and then came home for a bit of coffee…things seemed normal and progressive at that point.   When I went back down to do a … Read more

Right Foot/Left Foot-In Foot/Out Foot

     “Wow, this looks like a nice, healthy baby,” I was thinking when I pulled the blankets back. “I wonder why they called me outside.”      “She was just born last night,” they told me.      I pulled off her socks next. And then I saw them. These feet. Or what are … Read more

No More Smell + No More Maggots= PROGRESS!

Hi to you all!   I wonder what your day was like today…:)It’s been very rainy here the past few days, which we’ve been very grateful for ’cause we needed it!   I don’t think all the clothes on the line needed it, but they should be extra clean after getting close to a dozen rinses!  🙂   Something that’s not so … Read more

Those Little Clubbed Feet

 Remember this little fellow? Samuel is gaining well… going on 6 lbs! We’re starting the process of getting the operation done for his tiny clubbed feet. We aren’t sure what the exact cost will be but would like to raise support for him. If anyone is interested you can go to our contact page on … Read more

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