April 2012

A seriously broken leg!

As we were settling down for lunch one day, a group of Haitians showed up at the clinic, bearing a man on a stretcher. He had been at market nearby and a moto was coming through on the road; he tried to get out of the way, but wasn’t nimble enough and fell, landing right … Read more

A stitch job by Mis Joselaine

Yesterday a family brought their little girl into the clinic with blood dribbling down the side of her face. It appeared at first to be a small cut or puncture wound on the top of her head- but her hair was so thick it was hard to see how big it really was. After parting … Read more

Called to the clinic. . . What will we find?

It was Wednesday about 2pm or so. Clinic was over for the day. Breanna and I had left clinic and I believe had lunch as well when Polvert, our guard, called me saying someone had come to clinic with a sick child. He said the child had been fine in the morning, but now wasn’t … Read more

A Baby!

Hello everyone! As you have probably guessed by now, things have been surprisingly quiet around here! We haven’t had anything serious come in for quite a while, until this lady came in. It seemed like she was a few weeks early, so we made all preparations for any trouble… thankfully, we didn’t need to use … Read more

More than a “rash”…

A mother brought her baby to the gate Friday afternoon, saying she needed a nurse to look at it. It sounded like it had a rash of some sort on it’s neck. Shana went out to see how serious it was, and came back, saying they should probably check it out. The clinic had been closed for … Read more

Update on the lady with the foot injury!

It’s been a while since we told you about the lady with the foot injury (See story here: A Ministry of Love) and we thought you’d like to see the improvement! She comes faithfully, each day, to have her foot rewrapped. It’s still not the most pleasant duty for the nurses to do, but they (just as … Read more

A short update on the cholera situation…

Dear supporters, Thanks so much to everyone that has been praying for the cholera situation here. God answers prayers, doesn’t He? So far we have had no other cases come into the clinic, and we are indeed grateful for that! Hopefully the two cases we had last week were a isolated incident, and not the … Read more

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