March 2015

Slippery Trails and Happy nurses

Wow, another week of Clinic is behind us! Having seen lots of different people and each one having a different story to tell, what should I really blog about was my question when I saw my name on the list for blogging today. I decided I’ll tell you about visiting our one workers family.   … Read more

Bad Brains and Broken Bones

  This has been an amazingly uneventful weekend considering how crazy last week and the weekend preceding it was. I believe God kindly answered our prayers for a little break from the more serious emergency cases that are brought into the clinic during off hours. The whole Saturday and Sunday not a single new patient … Read more

Every Good Gift

…is from God.  Every night of refreshing sleep, every strengthening meal, every encouraging song or word just when you need it…  I’ve been more aware of those kinds of gifts recently.  Like this past Monday when Hans, Mali and Mis Joselaine were all gone, and we had an oversized crowd of patients at clinic.  Kin … Read more

It’s Saturday!

It’s Saturday. Maybe…just maybe…this one will be a quiet one. I had the pharmacy to get restocked before brunch, and I had it about half way finished when I walked out to see what was up with the moto that had just arrived. What I found was not very pretty….it was a man who had … Read more

Pains and Praises

Sunday, March 8th~ We’re exhausted.  After a few interrupted nights, the past few days (which have also been non-stop) have seemed to warp into weeks in our stretched minds and weary bodies.   They’ve been demanding and tiring for all of us.   We’ve had a number of cholera patients the last week, more people on cots than usual, and … Read more

“God did it”, so we better would, too!

     Every bed had been full. Wow! We tried to still the panic in our hearts as the realization struck us. But God has been good. Other than throwing a mat on the floor, and losing sleep, it worked out! A few patients were able to leave exactly as we were needing more beds. … Read more

Email updates

This update is a little out of the norm, but thought everyone that follows the blog would like this little bit of info! In the past we used yahoo groups for our email updates. But beings we had some technical difficulties with that we have switched over to over service called “Mailchimp”. That being said, … Read more

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