May 2015

Peace in the Storm

Greetings! Starting with introductions, I am Alyssa Martin the newest member on the Alegue Clinic team. I came a little over three weeks ago with plans to stay for awhile so I am sure you will hear more from me! A little background, I am a newly graduated Registered Nurse from Ontario, Canada. I feel […]

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Little Shots

…that we’ve seen recently… You wouldn’t recognize this bright-eyed little face from a couple weeks ago!  She’s the one whose distraught mother rushed into the clinic with her cause she was in respiratory distress from a very plugged nose that Mali unplugged. 🙂  If you remember, she also had a strange mouth condition that has

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Shopping Trip

I’m getting ready to fall asleep to the sound of whirring fans attempting to curb the heat of another sultry tropical night in the coastal town of Petit Goâve. Donavan and I are planning on heading to Port au Prince early in the morning to spend an exhausting day buying the monthly medicines and supplies

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Yesterday’s Blag

*Oops!  I checked the calendar as I got ready this morning to confirm that it was indeed me on call after clinic today, but I didn’t notice until just tonight that my name was also on for blogging! You know the word blog (spelled blag) in Creole, means joke?.  So when I say I’m going to do

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A Day Through My Eyes

…which were not able to focus very well this morning.  Mali’s grandmother had made a generous donation of a bunch of reading glasses when she went home, and Mali and I decided to each wear a pair on the way to work.  The pair I had was so strong that I had trouble focusing on

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