February 2011

Can’t pass up a little landscape! This picture is near Ti Goave, taken from the trail on the way to Aleg. Here I am with Darline, her sister, and her baby. This lady came to clinic to have her baby, but we saw the need to take her to Ti Goave where they did an […]

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Just a little peek at clinic. People sitting waiting for their consultation. Here’s a recent pic of the 3 of the main nurses right now. Mis Anita, Mis Thea, and Mis Leida This is the Rene family. Their baby was born at the clinic on Feb. 21–sweet family! They have other children that weren’t there

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Mountainside tumble II

Another tumble down the mountain; thankfully this little boy (Manno St. George is his impressive title) was much less damagedthan the last gentleman who experimented with this dangeroushobby, and got hauled out with a fractured arm as a result.Still, it is a nasty cut Manno has…. Mis Leda did a great job of repairing the

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Clubfoot Boy

Hey just a quick update on our little boy with the clubfoot; and YES- I did finally get a name for the little chap… “Enddy”. (You could also call him “Micah”; when Anita asked his mom what his name was she replied, “Well, his Haitian name is Enddy, but you can give him an English

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Cow Trouble

 Well the nurses are smiling. That’s a good sign!  But this ISN’T such a good sign… The work of an angry bull, it goredher with it’s horn… Not very pretty looking, but not actually too serious.                                  This was the first of emergencies that night; she came in about 5 P.M…

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Mountainside tumble

 I don’t have any really great pics of this guy, it was hard to see what allwas wrong with him anyhow. The most noticeable thing was his right armwhich was broken, but he was also covered with numerous cuts and tears; the results of falling down the mountainside and landingon a boulder. Ouch!!! 

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Deformed Foot

This father came with his 10 year-old boy a few days back wanting assistance from us to get help for his deformed foot. We’re hoping to be able to find a hospital that will help him. As we understand, he’s had this since birth.

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Construction Accident

This gentleman was working on a house, a board fell offthe roof and did a very neat slice job both above AND below his eye. Thank God for His design of protective bone structure around your eyes; without that feature, this man would have fared much worse!!! Happy birthday ‘Nita!!! She’s supposed to be having

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Club foot baby boy…

Hey here’s our little club foot boy that you read about already- if you getthe mission’s one-list updates. (If you don’t, leave us a comment and we’ll get you the info on signing up…) I forgot to gather one VERY importantpiece of info- the baby’s name… 🙁 I’ll try to post that in a later

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