March 2011

Here’s Thea with a stitch job she did this week. This young teenage girl had managed to slice her wrist open during a tumble-mishapshe experienced on her way home from school. Careful stitching pays off in a reduced chance ofinfection, and less scarring…. Thea’s doing a great job and picking up some good experience here! […]

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Foot Problem…

This little guy spent several days in a hospital room; unfortunately I didn’t get any pics of HIM-only this nasty looking foot… He came in with a respiratory problem, and this badly infected foot. After treating him for several days, it seemed that his oxygen level had improved,but he still breathed with some difficulty. We

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Actually, rocks DON’T belong in ears…

Uh-oh- surely not the old “rock in the ear” trick again!?Unfortunately, yes it is. But thankfully for little Daniel, it wasn’t in there too deeply; (although you would have been CERTAINthat it was looking grim for the little chap, judgingfrom the hearty opinions he expressed during thestone-removal operation….. 🙂 A real community effort! Shana’s running

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Mountainside tumble III !

This 9 year old little girl came in on Wednesday afternoon at around 3…The story we were told was that she had fallen down the mountain a littleways, then falling rocks had slammed into her head. The evidence wascertainly there- several severe gashes on the top and back of her head, along with various scrapes

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The following pictures were meant to accompany the latest Gospel to Haiti one list. If you do not currently receive the one list and would like to, please write to: [email protected] Friends come and friends go. . . We’ve had a lot of staff changes the last while at the clinic. Here are normal activities

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