March 2012


What went through your mind when you read the title of this post? Probably the same thing that went through my mind yesterday when I heard that word come across the radio… Someone had come into the clinic with symptoms of the dreaded sickness, and they were evaluating the patient. Later on I went out

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A normal day at the clinic…

Today was just another normal day at the clinic, with no strange or unusual cases coming in. Even so, I snapped some pictures of everyone doing their jobs so you can see what all goes into everyday life here… Breanna’s main job is to check everyone’s blood pressure and dossiers. Fre Direk is the receptionist…

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Madam Daniel’s baby!

Madam Daniel’s Baby. March 24th, 2012 -By Breanna Keller At 5:00 this morning I awoke from my deep, sweet slumber to a faint “clang clang clang”. Someone is knocking at the gate (with a rock)! Finally! I’m able to distinguish one sound from another here!  That doesn’t sound like a large achievement, I know – but

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Another little bundle

We had another safe birth just a few days ago. The mother came in I think on Tues just as clinic was finishing. We gave her a bed in the hospital room, and keep checking on her. Labor was slow, but later evening it picked up. Her baby girl was born just after 11 pm,

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A SERIOUS ear infection…

Often we have very strange and extreme cases coming into the clinic, but I don’t think there has been one this bad in the recent past, that I can remember… Yesterday this poor lady came into the clinic with two serious ear infections: so serious, the skin was literally rotting off and her ear canals

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A house call…

On Sunday we received a request to do a house call for an elderly lady. They said she was having shortness of breath and chest pain, so Anita, Virginia and Brieanna went to check things out. So, off we trekked down the riverbed to find her house… Thankfully, the riverbed was dry, even though we’ve

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Update on recent baby…

Yesterday we had a post about the little baby girl who hadn’t eaten for 15 days; several hours after she came in, we decided she needed to go out to the hospital in town. She had stabilized and we felt it would be better for her to be in the hospital. So, yesterday when Michael

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A 15 day fast… for a newborn.

Today a woman came in with her newborn baby girl. It is severely emaciated, and when asked when the last time it ate, she said it hadn’t eaten since it was born– 15 days ago! Michael, Anita and Virginia are working hard to keep it alive and revive it. It’s in very bad shape. Please

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An afternoon hike

There is a man from church that has been wanting us to give medicine for his wife now for a long time, but she is not able to get around well and thus doesn’t get down to the clinic. (They live up the mountain about 35 minutes hike from the mission.) Andrew, his sister Abigail,

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