February 2014

Vision problems

This man fell down while working in the garden. A stalk of pitimi, or millet, entered under his eye and pushed at an angle right up into his eyeball itself, we believe! Ouch!!! We couldn't do much other than clean and bandage the surface cuts, and give him a ride to town for a doctor […]

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All the Little People…

 …have brought so many smiles to our faces the last few days! Some tiny and sick, others fat and healthy, others screaming for a Mama that died. Here are a few of the priceless expressions that passed through our doors.  This tiny girlie came in our gate with her very out-of-breath Mama. Mama was by

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Slow Days

I enjoy Tuesdays.  Monday morning always feels so rushed, as there is usually quite a few patients that are waiting to be seen, and rendezvouses to be taken care of, and everyone is still trying to wake up after the weekend.  Tuesdays are generally slower.  Time can be taken to talk to the blood pressure

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What Do You Think Of…

when you think “Valentine’s Day”?                           Something like this, right?   Not sick and dying people, especially not one like this one- a young 25 year old man that should be well and strong and full of life! His family carried him into the clinic on a cot this morning, telling us that he had been sick

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Off to Town….

    That’s what the rest of them did. And left us five girls home alone with a phone number. So far, we’ve survived, but it’s been an interesting day, and we’ve only called the phone number once. Next time, I think we’ll just go along to TiGoave with the rest, though, because, when it

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A New Kind Of Patient.

I dreamed of someday growing up and being a veterinarian when I was a kid.  I never imagined that I would end up as a nurse working in Haiti.  And it certainly never crossed my mind that I would end up assisting in veterinarian work while working as a nurse in Haiti. :o)  Fre Direk, one

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This Little Piggy…

had none. :[   You remember Jean Franz?   I knew it was only a matter of time before his toe came off.  Last Thursday it was dead enough to snip the last little bit of skin holding it on without him even noticing.   I think he was a bit surprised to sit up and see it was gone!  I can’t say that

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Thanks Again, God!

   Babies are gifts straight from heaven. The more infants I see making it safely into the world, the more I believe it. There are so many things that can go wrong. In this case the baby was fine, but the mom went through some trauma after the birth. This was the first time I

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Hello from the newest member of the clinic team.  My name is Kindra Stoll.  I’ll be around for the next year, Lord willing, so I’ve been told I’m supposed to introduce myself to everyone.  I’m from Tennessee, and am the daughter of Ervin & Linda Stoll, for all of you genealogy-lovers out there. :o)  I’ve

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