April 2015


… Of a busy Friday!  If you stopped by to visit us today,   You would’ve found lots of people waiting outside, and inside, and Frè Adolf finding dossiers and charting people’s weights!  Then Kindra busily working at getting the many blood pressure patients through, Dr Felix, Mis Leda, Mis Marquis, and Mis Whitney consultanting […]

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Long Days, Little Nights

Sometimes it’s not the roses you need to stop and smell, but the stories you need to stop and tell.  I’m just not sure where to start and where to stop, cause it seems like so far everything that started happening a few weeks ago hasn’t really stopped in between one thing and the next.

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The Darkness Before Dawn

Breathe.  Just breathe. That’s what I kept telling myself yesterday morning. My world felt as though it was tilting nearly out of control when I surveyed the large crowd that was waiting for us, with people everywhere reaching out to stop me as I walked by, as I tried desperately to shove my emotions about

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