July 2011

Jacqueline–Amazing–before and after

Do you remember? I believe we had posted about this little boy back in Dec or so. This is how he was when he came into our clinic last year. We took them to a children’s hospital in Port au Prince. They were in Port from Dec till May or so. This was the first … Read more

Another baby!

A happy mama A sweet little baby boy and the nurse and her helpers Some times at the clinic. . . Sometimes at the CTC. . .

God saw fit to extend His hand of mercy again!

Giving oxygen I feel humbled as I look at these pictures. God was again so merciful. This baby was born at clinic Tues evening. His parents are Fre Pharis and Madame Pharis who we know pretty well. The labor was pretty long, but baby’s heart beat seemed to be staying good as I checked from … Read more


Happy patient Monak who has been coming for treatment for his hand is doing much better. We kept him in the hospital from Tues till Sat last week. Now he is to be coming back everyday for treatment–antibiotic and bandaging. It’s amazing how quickly a small wound can turn into a nasty infection and how … Read more

A precious bundle. . .

Yes, this afternoon we had a birth at the clinic. The lady came in around 3 pm, and the baby was born around 5:25. The birth went very well for which we are always grateful! Here are a few pics of it. Yesterday afternoon we had a guy come in who had been involved in … Read more

More than just the sick and wounded

We see a lot more around here than the sick and wounded! I thought I should at least give you a glimpse. . . Below is a young man who came in a few days ago with an incredible infection in his hand. It started out as only a little cut after working in the … Read more

From the nurse. . .

Well, it’s good to be back at the clinic! For the first while after I got back from my 4 week visit in the States I was working at the CTC. We have others who are volunteering to come for a few weeks or months at a time and helping there, and I am able … Read more

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