November 2012

A girl with a really sore foot…

Warning: Viewer discretion advised. Images below are graphic and potentially disturbing.   Tuesday morning, I came into clinic, I happened to be the first one there.  I noticed a girl sitting on a cot – a whole group of people had carried her into clinic. They showed me her foot – it was wrapped up […]

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At Work. . . .

Here are some sites you’ll see on a normal day as you walk into the clinic. Direk at his desk where he writes up the patients’ charts for the day  Waiting room full–Rhoda busy in the background Fre Adolph weighing a patient Fre Noes at his post–He gives number cards to new patients as they

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A Delicate Stitch Job

This girl came in a few days ago with a wound on her eye lid.  The story was that she fell out of bed and hit a rock.  (We were suspicious that the story wasn’t true.)   Cleaning and preparing to stitch. There was this glob of tissue that needed removed before I could stitch.

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What a busy morning! Bright and early, Anita and I were up and about, drinking our coffee, and preparing to go to clinic to dismiss a cholera patient we had allowed to stay in our hospital room over night.  When we initially kept the patient, she did not have a confirmed case of cholera.  However,

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     The morning was chugging right along at our little clinic, when Agenal, a bent over old man came hobbling into the clinic. He seemed quite distressed and began to pour out his woes to Anita and Fre Noes.    Between the two of them, they understood that poor, partly blind Agenal’s wife had fallen

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An Afternoon’s Activities

We saw around 50 patients at clinic this morning.  Finally the last dossier was made, the last consultation done, and the last pills handed out.  Now it’s time to head home for lunch! Or is it?  Here comes a crowd of school children, and one girl is holding something over her head.  They are headed

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     Thursday morning started with a persistent knock on the gate. Shana stuck her head out the door, assuring the person that she would come, but the knocking did not stop. What could be the hurry at this time of day?       Mis Leda was asking if we could pick up a lady

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Patient Send Off

Well, here is the medical team with Efadel and his mother.  It was a sad and happy day when we sent them off.  He is now walking some on his own, and the infection sights are almost totally healed.  They are still changing the bandages every day and coming back for check-ups every few days.

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  “Good-morning, scrubs. I hope you have more energy than I do at two o’clock in the morning. Because I hear Anita calling me on the radio.” It’s Thursday, and there’s a lady at the clinic waiting to welcome a baby into the dark world. I grab a flashlight.    Then the scrubs and I

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