February 2015

Cholera Again

    Wednesday afternoon Mali, Whitney, me, and a kindly, elderly deacon from the church here took a little trip up the mountain to visit several sick and dying people at their houses. We parked our UTV on the road at the farthest point that we were able to drive to, grabbed our medical bag and […]

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Somebody is Watching

…Always, always  watching. When someone takes something that belongs to us – everyone watches with baited breath to see what we will do.  Become angry?  Kill someone?  Give up and go home? When the naughty little blood pressure patients don’t respect the nurses, the other patients eagerly lean forward – what are the white nurses

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Greenbacks and pennies

    “Good-morning!” It is Monday. After a couple days of rain, it is so exciting to see the sunshine. We feel like getting a lot done this week. It feels like a lot of things are on the burner. It feels exciting.     We have a list of about 50 hernia patients who

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