February 2012

Mis Leda at work!

This man needed an infected wound cleaned and bandaged so Mis Leda set to work Often times we only put the “big” things on the blog, but normal clinic work consists of many small jobs–dressing small wounds, treating someone’s cold, or even talking to a worried mother about her baby’s health. Our desire is to […]

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Update on rock injury patients

Just a shot of our head pharmacist at work! The man who had the rock injury on his head is doing very well! When he returned for his check-up, we were happy to see that the injury didn’t affect him mentally as it could have from the magnitude of the hit. The little girl who

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Remember those rocks??

Right on the heals of the little girl with rock injuries came a man with a large cut on his head… caused by (you guessed it) a rock! Apparently he had been in his garden, sharpening his sepid (a curved tool, used for lightly tilling the ground and chopping weeds- similar to a small scythe)

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The cleft rock…

Depending where you live in the States, it may seem strange to have people coming into a hospital with deep wounds caused by falling rocks. Down here in Haiti it is pretty rare when we don’t have patients coming in with serious injuries caused by either a rock falling on them, or they falling on

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Perhaps you have never heard of folliculitis?  No?  That’s ok.  Neither did I until this afternoon when a man and his boy came to the gate! The boy’s face was all swollen, and he could only see out of one eye.  His hair was dirty, with infection oozing out the top of his head. After looking

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Ear operations!

The other day we had two people come in with things stuck in their ears!  Michael was probably feeling like a professional ear-cleaner at the end! As I came up to the clinic, this little boy was laid out on his dad’s lap, with Michael bent over him! Apparently (the father told him) the boy

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