August 2012

One little head…

This poor little boy was brought into the clinic today by his mother and grandpa- his head was covered infected sores, full of pus and yuck. Anita and Breanna carefully cleaned and dressed the sores and wrapping his head with bandages and anti-bacterial creme. He’ll be coming back for a checkup again soon. The sad … Read more

Some normal cases on a normal day…

Anita had a burn patient come in yesterday and today. As she cleaned the wound, the woman convulsed with pain and jumped almost out of her chair! Anita used some lidocaine to ease the pain… “Otherwise,” she said, “She’s be in my lap!” And Breanna dealt with a man who had an accident with his … Read more

Update on the ear surgery!

There was a somewhat nasty post we did a little while ago in which we showed a lady who’s ear had been almost completely cut off. She returned for some other ailment day before yesterday, so we snapped some pictures of her ear- it’s quite amazing, because if you didn’t look for it, you probably … Read more

Update on Obenson!

Another update on our little malnourished friend, Obenson.  His original story is here, if you don’t remember him! Doesn’t he look so much healthier? The little guy can walk around now and, according to his caregiver, if he’s given nothing to do, he wanders around making “dezod” (naughty) around their compound! 🙂 🙂 Anita has … Read more

Alcohol swabs and gloves… and other scenes from the clinic…

Since everyone got back from the States things have been moving along at a good pace in the clinic. In recent days, it’s been reported by our nurses that we’re running low on alcohol patches and gloves… seeing that those needs are present, we thought we’d take some random pictures of us using alternatives… Here’s … Read more

The little things…

Saturday some little girls come to the clinic, asking for some bandages for a few little sores on their shins. Breanna took them into the clinic, dressed their sores and applied some ointment to them, putting a bandaid on top. I had to think about the many serious cases that come into the clinic, how … Read more

Only one left…

Yesterday was the beginning of a challenging week for many of us- since all the fluent Creole speakers are gone to the States for Thea’s wedding, those of us left behind are having to learn quick! Breanna is the only American nurse left in the clinic- it presents some unique challenges for her and was … Read more

Update on the “Clubfoot Boy”!

Greetings in Jesus’ name, dear readers! Many apologies for the lack of content on this blog recently. The other day some of us visited the home of the “Clubfoot” boy, Enddy. If you are having a hard time remembering him, take a look at his previous updates by typing “clubfoot” into the search box on … Read more

Personnel Perspective…

~July 26,2012~ Hello, all you readers and supporters, I’m glad you have visited this blog once again.   It means you are interested in the work or the people here in Haiti!  Thank you for caring and praying for us, we need it desperately!  The work here is God’s work, and as His children there is … Read more

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