February 2013

Who’d have thought?

Who would have ever thought you could do this:  Fall off your horse, cut open your eye lid, slice your bottom lip, scrape up your top lip, AND, get this:  Disconnect your bottom lip from your gums/jaw inside.  You can see all the way down in between his lip and gums (you can’t see the … Read more

The Cry of the Abandoned, Can We All Hear The Cry????

                                                                                                    Jistin’s Story Here is a sad story and I will try share it even though our hearts are hurting and feel very heavy for this little man.    Jistin, (Name given by Vicson, the caretaker.) is between 18 and 20 months old, this morning at 9:30 his dad came and rattled the clinic gate and … Read more

Hurry, Hurry

     Supper is just finished, and I’m thinking of spending a night with the other girls, when I hear Anita calling me to go with her to the clinic. Not thinking that anything much is up, I didn’t even grab a scrub top.    We saw a couple ladies, one in labor, and a … Read more

A Few Pics

This young boy came in and could hardly swallow.  Under his chin was very swollen.  We put him on IV antibiotics and sent him home the next day doing much better. After delivering twins, this lady was carried into the clinic.  The one baby was born dead, and the other was doing fine.  We ended … Read more

Happy Faces

 As I was greeted by this girl’s bright smile this morning, I resolved to share some happy faces with you all too!   She is the one that had a really bad infection in her foot, who we sent down to T-Goave for further treatment.  If you’ve been following the blog, you would have seen … Read more

Robbed and beat up

     This morning started out with a beautiful, sunny walk to clinic. That is another wonderful benefit of our new location. We get about three minutes of sunshine every time we walk to work. And then, if we forget anything, we get to have another three minute walk back home.    Just as I … Read more

Ever get tired of baby pictures?

You guessed it, there was another birth at clinic.   The lady came in late Sunday morning so we ended up spending the day there.  Now that we’re at the new clinic, we can hang out in the nurses’ room or another room of the clinic and still be near enough to make frequent checks … Read more

Wednesday Night Birth!

During clinic on Wednesday, a first time soon-to-be mom arrived at clinic in the (very) beginning stages of labor. We checked on her throughout the day, and by 11:00pm, she still had barely progressed and didn’t seem to be too active.  We thought about staying the night at the clinic but decided that due to … Read more

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