August 2016


Sorry… It looks like my pictures somehow weren’t on my post so I’ll try again. Here they are in the same order that they should have been on the post.  The baby that was born on Monday morning… Kayla with one of her blood pressure patients… Ellamae and Makayla with one of the babies that […]

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  Last week Donavan and I made the trip in to Port au Prince to pick up supplies and make an airport run. We dropped off Darwin and his son Delavon at the airport along with Alex, our mechanic guy. Alex is returning to Tennessee after an all to brief three month stay here at

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Wear Your Shoes!!

Are you filling your shoes, completely? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself that question? I pondered this question after seeing the row of shoes outside on the clinic wall. Some large, some small, some old others new but all had been worn by someone.  God has given each of us a pair of shoes

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Peace, Perfect Peace

There are two little boys who come to see me quite often. I call them “my boys”. 🙂 Recently, they wanted me to come visit them and their Grandpa. So, one afternoon a bunch of us went to visit them. We had a wonderful time talking, and listening to the little old man talk. His

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            Do you see these little faces? So cute, perhaps worried, sometimes laughing, at times so ill they have no expression at all. These are the faces of malnourished children. Children who each have a story, maybe their mother has died and they did not get proper nutrition from breast milk, or perhaps their

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