August 2011

Operation in the night…

We thought we’d give you a little taste of what it is like to do a stitching job… The other evening we had a man and his boy come to the fence; the boy had hit his head against a rock wall while playing, and had a bad gash in his forehead. The team got … Read more

Torrential Rains from Hurricane Irene and the Clinic

Greetings from the water soaked mountainsides of Les Palmes! Praise the Lord, Hurricane Irene missed us by quite a distance. Though we are thankful that we evaded the full force of the storm, there is currently a battle going on with the consequent downpour of rain which accompanies hurricanes. Sometimes severe rain showers show up … Read more

This and that

Yes, nurses do things other than being a nurse! Here we are having a Bible study with a couple of the local girls here on the porch. I know this is really gross, but the other day I was removing magets from this man’s leg. Virginia taking blood pressures at the clinic

Babies, babies–even on the mountainside!!!!!

Virginia, Thea, and I with the baby This was baby one of two births today–a lovely baby girl. We were hardly home when we got called again, but this time to the mountainside. Thea and I arrived just as the baby was being born. After doing what we had to do there, we got ready … Read more

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