August 2015


Thursday morning started out calm and in routine. Walking to clinic, I felt genuinely excited to see what another day holds. I went to clinic early to restock the pharmacy and prepare for my day. After stocking the pharmacy, several of us were chatting in the exam room, when Mali came running in with little … Read more

Patients and Patience

You know the kind of morning when you feel like you spend all your energy just getting up and going?  Well, this morning was one of those mornings. “Oh well, tomorrow’s Friday.” I thought gratefully.   I plodded tiredly out the gate and paused for a second, taking a deep breath in preparation for the … Read more

Who’s In Control?

“ Can you please control the patients?” This a common term used in the clinic when we talk about doing initial vitals on the patients as they arrive.  The other day at clinic, I started pondering the meaning of control. In the English language, it means, having the power to influence or to direct the … Read more

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