September 2015

Creepy, Crawly creatures

….. and smelly wounds. This is what Mali and our crew were greeted with several days ago. Fre Noras came to the clinic Monday morning very disturbed about a little old man he had went to visit on the weekend. He described to us how he had worms crawling out of his wound. That very … Read more

A Wrestling Match

…albeit not a very fair one, as it involved six people against one hip.  One very stubbornly dislocated hip that took all we had to put back in its rightful place!    I’d seen this little old man carried in earlier in the morning to the clinic by a rather jolly looking younger fellow who … Read more

Broken Heads and Breaking Hearts

Once upon a time….a not-so-very-long time ago….last night, to be exact.  We were sharing a peaceful evening of counting pills around the table, when – in a rather non-peaceful manner – there was a knock at the gate.  Somebody that was a relative of somebody else had gotten beat up by something somewhere. Don’t laugh.  … Read more

The Still Small Voice

“Be still, and know that I am God” (Psa. 46:10). The crashing thunder, the stars in the evening sky, the creeping caterpillar, are all signs of God’s creation. He has created these for His glory and honour but do I take the time to stop and enjoy it? Do I stop and listen to what … Read more

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