December 2011

Clinic closed… unless a baby is coming!

Greetings in Jesus’ name! The clinic has been officially “closed” since December 22nd, but when a lady comes from Ti Guave and is about to have a baby, it’s only reasonable to open the doors up and let her in! This young lady was in the area when she went into labor, so they came … Read more

Cow cut…

Amongst the business yesterday, a man appeared with a towel wrapped around his arm. His problem? A large gash on his left arm, caused by a cow’s horns! Anita and Thea were about ready to go to the clinic for the day,  so they just stayed around to stitch him up. Checking blood pressure… Anita … Read more

More Babies!

Seems like all Aleg has come out and decided to have their babies in December! We’ve had 3 births in the last few days, and another in progress right now! Thankfully, after having several hard cases, the last two have gone well, with no complications! Praise the Lord!! One of the ladies had to go … Read more

Update on the baby that couldn’t breathe

We have an update on the baby that couldn’t breathe… On Monday night they decided to take it into town because our oxygen tanks were quickly being depleted. The baby would need a full supply in the coming days if it were to have a chance of survival. We had kept all its vitals at … Read more

Baby ER… another baby that couldn’t breathe,

Last night there was another lady in labor at the clinic. When the baby was born, it was not breathing, so we had to do CPR and oxygen on it. It was a little girl! Steve, Anita, Thea, and Virginia all are gathered around; Steve was operating the oxygen mask, Anita was checking vitals, Thea … Read more

The boy with the lacerated lip…

The other night I was going into the generator room to do a few things when one of the ladies called out from Steve’s front porch. They said that I should get my camera. It was getting dark, so I couldn’t really see what was going on up there on the porch. However, not asking … Read more

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