September 2016

  Monday dawned bright and clear. A perfect day for patients to travel to the clinic after a quiet weekend. The crowd waiting to be seen on the benches was huge when we arrived and it was obvious that this was going to be a long day with its share of challenges and opportunities.   … Read more

Cholera is Back

Bang, Bang, Bang, the gate sounded just as were sitting down to a relaxing supper. No, not another Cholera case BUT yes it was. When the first case came in two weeks ago, I expected it to be a single case incident. However, it has turned into a small out break. Thankfully, all the cases … Read more

“Do you ever sleep?”

  As we were leaving a birth on Sunday night/Monday morning, one of the guys that was staying with another patient asked “Do you guys ever Sleep?”. That’s exactly how I felt that night. The laboring mother wasn’t progressing as fast as we would’ve liked, Kayla and I were both extremely tired, and the mother was … Read more

As you have done it unto the least of these

       I have been reminded a lot recent of the verse in Matthew 25 that tells us when we care for someone, visit them, clothe them etc we are doing it unto Him. The thought has been encouraging to me knowing that even when I am at the end of my day, or feel like … Read more

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