September 2016

  Monday dawned bright and clear. A perfect day for patients to travel to the clinic after a quiet weekend. The crowd waiting to be seen on the benches was huge when we arrived and it was obvious that this was going to be a long day with its share of challenges and opportunities.   […]

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Cholera is Back

Bang, Bang, Bang, the gate sounded just as were sitting down to a relaxing supper. No, not another Cholera case BUT yes it was. When the first case came in two weeks ago, I expected it to be a single case incident. However, it has turned into a small out break. Thankfully, all the cases

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“Do you ever sleep?”

  As we were leaving a birth on Sunday night/Monday morning, one of the guys that was staying with another patient asked “Do you guys ever Sleep?”. That’s exactly how I felt that night. The laboring mother wasn’t progressing as fast as we would’ve liked, Kayla and I were both extremely tired, and the mother was

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