July 2014

How Is Your Monday Smile?

     It is Monday. Never start a day without prayer. Especially a Monday. When you run into men like this.      It is hard to know what to write about today. Look for yourself. We had the skin issues. Babies to treat, bathe, and follow for the next couple weeks. A lady came […]

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Christmas Time for the Nurses! And a  Stitch Job… Finally the long awaited for meds arrived from CAM. We had so much fun rummaging through the boxes and finding a whole bunch of treasures. We felt like we were opening Christmas presents! I have learned to appreciate meds and what they do for people, much more

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One or Two???

“Its twins”…was the verdict of 3 tired nurses as they carefully slid the ultrasound probe over the woman’s very pregnant belly. Glancing at each other we nod in unison. “Twins”. She needs to go out. We all realize that our diagnosis could be wrong but what if it was twins and we are not equipped to

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Pumpkin Soup and Partings

    Pumpkin soup. Exactly. Maybe it would be better than you think. Maybe if it was all you got to eat all day, you would think it was good. Joe said, “I always love when you come.”    Joe gets none too much love. He suffers way too much pain. But when we see him

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After Hour Fun…

  Yesterday we had a great time cooking corn and bean sauce at the neighbors house after work. One of my patients brought it as a gift and it made a great BIG pot.. enough to share with neighbors and all the hungry little bellies always begging for food. Happy faces…eating off of Mali’s plate 🙂

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Hospital Room Episodes…

Two, skinny, little Haitian grandpas. One healing and one dying, one lying and one singing. I don’t know if any of you remember the blog Kin had posted about “143 Maggots”?  Our dying patient is Jo, the one that Whit removed 143 maggots from his pressure ulcer wound. He seemed to be really picking up

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How Did That Poison Taste?

     Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock. It is evening. And someone has really bad stomach pain. It’s not a lady.    Mali and I grabbed the keys and walked with Steve down to the clinic. Our patient was the man who takes care of feeding our mission horse. He was facing severe pain, and also

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