April 2016

                    Morning wake up call… “bang, bang, bang…bang, bang, bang!”  I lay in bed and think, “oh, probably the girls bringing the routine vessels of soup for Sunday morning; Janell will take care of them.”  The sound reverberates again, “bang, bang, bang… bang, bang, bang!”  My thoughts continue… “Well I am on call today, it

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What a heart can hold….

“Lord…I cannot,But, you can.”I reminded myself every time I glanced at  the dry erase board where it was written in bold black letters.So many responsibilities, people that need a gentle touch,some that need the ‘stern look’ some that need laughter and smiles. All need Jesus. They don’t need me but they need Jesus. And since

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The Work Goes On

The road between the clinic and the mission house is lined with growing crops.  The last several weeks have been filled with visitors from North America. It’s been great to have the extra help for some of the projects that we have been doing around here. Another blessing is the many things that are brought

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