June 2015

Life through a Lens

Words fail for me to describe to you our life. The swirl of color in our lives here is amazing! I hope that my camera lens can give you a small insight of our lives. Hans working away on Fre Batel’s abscess. Our dear old man has much to learn when it comes to patience. […]

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Tears of Joy and Pain

Life comes with joys and sorrows, laughter and pain, life and death.. Many times we want to avoid the pain and sorrow and enjoy the happiness in life. However, it is the painful situations that make us more dependant on God and strengthen us. Through these times God can break us and mould us into

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Last Tuesday towards the end of our clinic day, a husband and wife came in carrying two week old twin boys, Mitchye and Senior (Seen-yo). My heart cringed as I pulled the blanket back from Senior’s face and saw what looked more like the aged and weary expression of an old man than a baby

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