May 2013

Sad and Happy Stories

Like most anything there is the fun and undesirable, the pleasant and unpleasant, the sad and happy.   This post involves both.  (I hope you’re not getting tired of baby stories because I have more of them.)  Baby who’s mother died–held by her uncle Do you remember the 4 tiny babies that we had at … Read more

More help!!!!! New born!!!!! Update!!!!!

“Anita! Is that you?” I was tempted to breathe a sigh of relief, seeing that the head nurse was home again. And, of course, there was a lady who was in labor, waiting, too. Maybe she was breathing a sigh of relief, too!     But, then Anita said,”Are you delivering this baby?” So I sucked … Read more


   Good day to all you dear folks out there, that faithfully pray and support us here as we serve the many needs.   The business and constant load of the last few days have left me totally exhausted and drained, being able to sleep is a dream that is always “almost ready to come true”!!!!! … Read more

Another glimpse into the clinic.

    ” Are you feeling well enough to go to work today?” This is the question we asked in the sunlight of Friday morning. After that initial question was answered in the affirmitive, we could then begin to ask about the patients in the hospital.    “How are the twins and their mom? How is the boy with the … Read more

Physical and Spiritual Healing!!!

  Well it certainly feels like I haven’t written anything in a long time, that’s why I want to say hi to everybody again.   It’s been quite the long hard battle for me the last week or so again coming down with and pulling through with another virus, It did feel as if there is nothing that … Read more

Full and Overflowing, By Megan

   Maladies, more maladies, and more maladies! Blood pressures, pulses, and temperatures! Meds, meds, and more meds! And today, nurses who were giving out and prescribing meds were the ones that needed meds! And all the hospital beds are full, so no more maladies please!    Last week there was one day where the hospital … Read more

BUSY BUSY BUSY. Post By Rhoda, Pictures by Jon

     I had just arrived at the clinic for my after noon on call Wednesday, when a something knocked on the door. Or someone. I went to check which.  Two very tired ladies looked up at me as I exited the building. One of them was pregnant, and so I told them she could come inside. After … Read more

Surgery Team

   A team of surgeons and nurses flew in from the US this past week, to do around 40 hernia surgeries, at the Lacolline, hospital about an hour south west of Ti- Goave, we had 5 patients from Allegre that need the surgery to, so Steve and I took them out there on Wednesday, only … Read more

Broken Arm/s

   This young boy came in early in the morning, one of the first patients, he was heading to school and somehow slipped and fell, who knows where and how far and we’ll never figure out either, but anyway the result of the fall was a clean cut about 5 inches behind his wrist. Anita … Read more


Yes, I know that’s a scary word. . .  But as near as I can tell, that is what one of our patients has at the clinic right now. Here is one of two spots on his skin He first came in on Fri, and we started him on treatment.  Today he still wasn’t doing … Read more

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