May 2017

Anpil Moun!! (Lots of People)

Wow!!!! Another week has just went by in what feels like just a blink of an eye!! Things here at the clinic have gone from slow pace (40 people days) to having three days this week with more then 100 people at clinic!! And the days seem to be continuously growing! And on top of … Read more

Good Bye Haiti!!

Haiti… It is hard to say goodbye to a place that you have come to love so much. A place that is rooted deep in the heart and would tear my heart apart if completely taken out. When I came to Haiti a little over 2 years ago, I never knew you could love a … Read more

Visiting, etc…

Here is a glimpse of our week through pictures….  Alyssa and I went to visit our “mother”, she had some delicious food for us! This tiny little munchin weighs only around 5.5 lbs, and  is 2 months old. Nursing fine but not gaining weight…. not sure of the problem. Started with parasite treatment and vitamins … Read more

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