August 2013

Pulling the pieces together

Back again! Sorry about the lack of blogs lately, but our internet was almost non-existent for a little while.   Here is a picture I’ve wanted to post for a while.  This young man was brought to the clinic almost 2 years ago as a young lad of 13 y.o. with two badly broken legs. … Read more

Cholera Case

Yesterday afternoon we had an older gentleman come in that had cholera. Glenden and Katie rushed him up to Basis hospital. Katie had started an IV on him. We are hoping they're going to give him the care he needs cause there's as little to know good help at that hospital.

Baby’s baby’s and O wait…..yes! one more baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   To me personally it seems as if there’s little else happening the last month at the clinic after hours and during the night except for babies being born. We haven’t counted them yet but I think it’s around 3 or 4 a week. I’m not sure if it ever gets old to the nurses, … Read more

Reaching hands, pleading eyes, needy little hearts…

… distended  tummies, brittle hair, skin lesions and infections, flaccid extremities…all the tell tale signs and symptoms of Protein/Energy Malnutrition. Sadly, these have been all too common at the clinic the last few months as I try to divide up our limited amount of protein powder to the worst cases. My heart aches as I … Read more

Well, It’s Wednesday-And Wednesday Went Well

    Our morning was off to a good start. Fre Daniel remembered each of the worker’s names,except his Wife’s, as he prayed before we started. And he even chose the nice song ” Precious Lord, Take My Hand” with all the waiting patients.    I caught myself teasing Nores for getting here when clinic … Read more

From relaxing weekend to stitching!!!!!!!

   We got home from our annual weekend trip last night and after packing up and getting ready for bed we heard quite the ruckus for about 2 minutes, all the while my heart sped up certain that it could mean a short night for some nurses. Sure enough, there was a prolonged sharp rap … Read more

A little story. . .

     First of all I’ll tell you a little story which happened this morning.  We needed to go up the mountain to Granfour (about 10 min drive) to check on something for a patient.  So I hopped on the Gator with Jon.  Of course since the machine was empty otherwise, there were plenty of … Read more

Initiation and Orientation

Hello from Mis Whitney Smith, reporting live for GTH News! 🙂 Or at least attempting to! (Disclaimer: I’ve never written a blog post before, so any mistakes can be credited to the fact that I never learned how to professionally blog in school ;P 😉 Lord-willing this will be home for at least the next … Read more

Need I say more?

After the birth Monday night, there were 2 more babies born at the clinic this week as well as one born just a few hundred yards from the clinic.   Baby born Monday night/Tuesday morning  Nurses who attended the birth  Baby born Wednesday afternoon  Baby born Thursday afternoon  Baby born just down the road from … Read more

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