January 2016

For the Last Time

I think everyone has their own ways of finding closure when coming to the end of a chapter in their lives.  For some it may be standing in front of a crowd to tell them goodbye, for others it may be in a good heart-to-heart with a close friend.  It may be in that last […]

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Aching Hearts and Busy Days

The past week as been an exhausting week, physically and emotionally. We reopened clinic on Monday and had a very large crowd awaiting us. The day had barely finished when our First Lady in labour walked through the door. In the past 7 days, we have had 7 births. This has resulted in many gate

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Cleaning and Visiting…

On Christmas and New Years break we spent lots of time cleaning, scrubbing and repainting. Making the place look all clean and fresh again!  But we didn’t spend all our time cleaning, we  enjoyed taking the time to go visit some of our friends. A prayer request,  we are in desperate need of RAIN!  -Mis

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