January 2012

A little patient with a big cut…

This little guy was riding along on a horse with someone else when the animal went out of control. He ended up crashing to the ground, hitting his head on a rock. They rushed him down here, where Michael stitched him up.

Two boys came in…

We had two little boys come in, both with serious conditions.  The little boy in the yellow shirt had a “strangulated hernia”. Michael realizd there was nothing he could do for the little boy, and that he needed to be taken out to town. So, last evening, he took the little boy out with his parents. … Read more

Mdm. Celeste and her baby…

Some of you might remember one of our gardeners, Celeste. His wife had a baby the other day, so we wanted to share it with you! Everything went well with the birth. It’s a cute little boy, very healthy! Mama and baby resting and doing good! Typically Haitians wait a little while to name their … Read more

Another safe delivery

After our previous birth cases Sat and Sun, we had yet a third lady come in labor Sun around noon. This lady was expecting her third child. She was carried in from out toward Fort Gary–5 hours hike or so away. When she arrived things looked fine, but she was at a stand still. We … Read more

More babies over the weekend, plus the man with malaria

Over the weekend there were several expecting mothers that came in. One of them had the baby before she could make it here, so they had to grab a stretcher and carry her from the trail. Once she arrived, the baby began to have seizures because of extreme low blood sugar. Apparently it wasn’t born … Read more

A small cut in the head…

Today a boy and his mother came to the gate, needing help… it was another head injury. This one wasn’t too bad though and only required a couple stitches.  The poor little guy was very small for his age, very dirty, and not in very good shape. He had blood all over his shirt from … Read more

A ministry of love

For the last few months we’ve been doctoring a dear lady’s foot which was infected. The infection had become so bad her foot was literally rotting off on the one side (Don’t worry, no pictures of that…). After sending her to Ti Guave for treatment she has returned. Each evening she comes to have her … Read more

The man with the gashed head…

It was dark. Supper was almost ready when there was a knock at the gate. As someone went out to see what the need was, they were greeted by a man with blood streaming down his head, dripping down onto his shoes. His colleague’s speech was slurred with drink, and neither of them could walk … Read more

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