October 2011

Moto tumble…

Good morning everyone! Over the weekend a troubled moto driver arrived at our gate, bearing an elderly lady on the back and calling for us to open the gate for him. His distress? Apparently on his way to his destination he lost control of his moto and crashed, throwing his passenger (the elderly lady) off; … Read more


Today we have some very exciting news! For a few years now we have been doing a program called “Nourishing the Needy”; a ministry in which we provide milk for babies here that are in need. Maybe their mother has died, and the family needs to care for them; maybe the parents have cholera, and … Read more

A trip to Petit Guave

Greetings in Jesus’ name! Yesterday morning we had a lady come into the clinic that was going into labor. She was having complications, so we decided to take her to Ti Guave. She had high blood pressure as well as the possibility of needing a C-section because of other problems. The trip down the mountain … Read more

Beginnings of the Clinic Remodel!

NOTE: You can now track the current progress of the clinic rebuild at www.clinicrebuild.org! This week Steven Shankster from Indiana came down to help lay out and refine the design of the clinic project. He and Steve (our Steve) could be seen down at the clinic measuring, talking, and planning things out. After a few … Read more

A small cut…

Hello to all! Last night we had a young man came to our gate with a cut on his finger… he had been working at the school up the mountain and apparently got a machete cut! A nice slice! It was pretty deep, but very clean. Anita sterilized the cut and surrounding area. Butterfly bandages… … Read more

New Baby!!

Last night we had a lady come in that was in labor…  It was around 9pm when we got the call. Some of us trekked over and checked the situation out. The family waited as Anita and Virginia assessed the situation… They decided to come back later that night, and spent the evening there until … Read more

Update on Ernest

Many of you will remember Ernest, the boy with two broken legs, which we reported on earlier last week. We have received some pictures of him in the hospital, after his operation. It turned out he had multiple fractures and breaks on both legs and his left knee was crushed. Here are the pictures!

Clinic woes

We apologize for the lack of updates coming your way! Our Internet has been having problems with the recent storms surging past, making it difficult for us to post things on here 🙂 But we now have fair weather, so let the updates go on!! With the rain comes woe for the clinic. Excessive winds … Read more

Just a side note

For those of you who might remember her, the lady that had the baby pictured below is Joatase. She is one we have talked about several times before; she’s 22, and is one of the girls who comes to our Bible study sometimes. Do pray as we continue to minister to her. She continues to show some spiritual … Read more

Another new baby!!

Another little baby arrived at the clinic at about 4am this morning! The delivery was fairly smooth, with no major complications. Both Mother and Baby are doing great! This baby is particularly special to us here. The mother was considering having an abortion and was about to go into town for the operation. Some here were … Read more

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