May 2014

Hope! for the Penniless!

    “Come in,” I said, as I welcomed our first evening visitor in the door. “I will make a bed for you.” It was Thursday evening, and I was just leaving the clinic, after getting the first two people comfortable. Two more patients came, needing beds for themselves and their chaperones.    I pulled […]

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Three Haitians…

Three Haitians whose lives could see significant changes; because of God’s grace and the prayers and generosity of YOU!  We’ve spent the day in Mirebalais, about a six hour drive from rural Allegre. We have four patients with us; the little 8 year old girl in yellow needs a hernia repair, the 15 year old

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Girl Doll Comes Alive!

     Good-morning, Pappie! This little old man with a big sore on his foot must not be feeling too bad. He is waiting to go out to a bigger doctor, now that most of the rotten flesh has been removed from his leg. We would like to see if there is a chance that he

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The Joys

     Each day we see pain in the eyes of the young,     Old, withered, people who’ve suffered so long.     Eyes filled with darkness and faces of fear     Somedays it’s hard to see Joy through the tears.      It’s then that our God sends us down gifts of Joy;     Smiles on the face of a once dying boy,     Bubbling laughter from a miserable

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Happy National Nurses Day!!!

Hey I’m the new nurse!!! Mali Villeneuve from the beautiful country of Canada…So thankful to have grown up in a French home as I have a good head start on Creole!!!       Its rainy season and the air is cooler, the palm fronds whisper in the breeze and you can almost imagine that it’s

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