April 2013

“My Life in Haiti”- by Megan Stoltzfus

      When I first came here to Haiti, I had no clue about what to expect! I knew nothing about life in a third world country, nothing about the work in a clinic, and nothing about the Haitian people and their culture. All I knew was that I was coming to lend whatever help … Read more

Flying Hat

    The sun was shining beautifully this morning as I finished my big mug of coffee and headed to clinic to start on my usual row of bandage patients. I love the cheerful banter of morning greetings… the glow of the sun on the mountain after the rain… the beautiful smiles of the children along the trail. … Read more


This story started a long time ago already, but with all that’s been happening at the clinic the last while, I guess we missed blogging about it.  I thought we had, but I can’t find a post on it.  So if we did and I’m repeating, sorry! Toward the end of March this small undernourished … Read more

Brother Batel

Greetings in Jesus most precious Name, the One that came and died for each person, and for Batel to, we have had a number of updates over the last year posted on this blog of Batel, and his abscess on his hip, and you probably noticed more posts then usual lately, well here is another … Read more

Working in the CTC…

Greetings in Jesus’ name to each one! It’s been a while since I contributed to the blog here, since leaving last October! Coming back for a bit has been such a good experience- seeing old friends, hearing familiar songs, living in the old quarters and being back in the Haitian culture… it’s been very good! … Read more

CTC Update

Well I am pleased to tell you all this beautiful morning that the CTC is empty, we haven’t had anyone coming in now for the last 2 days for sure, there have been a few people that come in but they don’t have cholera so we release them. We are really praying hard that the … Read more

God Grant Us Wisdom

We have been blessed with a slower pace at the CTC, we only have one patient on IV and one on observation, we’ve only had one come in since yesterday morning. We did get word that they have been out yesterday and today to treat the water sources, and we are still expecting more people but … Read more

Cholera Up date

   A short update on the cholera epidemic. We heard this morning the doctor was out in the area from where the cholera patients come from and he says that their water way and source of water has been contaminated, he is sending a group of people out to treat the water today, we ask … Read more

Cholera/Clinic Updates.

   A quick update on our neighbor, Moise went out to Ti-Goave to have his 3rd toe amputated on Sunday afternoon with Pastor Levy, this morning we heard that the hospital in town won’t amputate it under $2500.00 Haitian Dollars, ($312 USD) They can’t afford that, so we are looking for a hospital that will do it … Read more


It has been a very interesting weekend and Monday morning to say the least. Friday a 70 year old man came to the clinic, with congestive heart failure, Brian told me that the heart beat sounds like water just swishing around, someone else described it as an old washing machine swishing around, nevertheless, this gentleman … Read more

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