April 2017

Cuts and Cholera

Our days at clinic have recently been filled with quite a variety of things. We have continued to see cholera the past several weeks as heavy rains continued to fall nearly every day. Thankfully we seem to have a momentary break in the cholera cases the last couple days. But we have had a lot … Read more

Med Shopping

So jumping into this next blog! I guess for lack of other things to talk about! I will try and describe a meds shopping trip!! So this last time I went out….. I left the house at 4:30am and headed for Ti Goave which takes approx 1 1/2 From Where we live in the mountains! … Read more

Unseen Wars and Victories!!

This past week you could feel the powers of darkness all around. As we went through Easter, the Voodoo Balls and Raw Raw’s are grabbing for the attention of our native friends. Many are victims of circumstances having grown up with devil worship and not knowing truth. It is a vital time for the Christians … Read more

                                                You give and you take away,                                                   … Read more

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