July 2012

Another baby on oxygen…

Last week was a very busy time… we had enough cases come in that I didn’t post all at the same time and consequently missed some! Here is one such case- you remember the baby that needed to be on oxygen last week? That baby was released fairly soon after coming, but not 12 hours […]

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Mèt Claudener’s little girl…

Several (or maybe even many) of you would remember our neighbor, Mèt Claudener. He and his wife live right in front of the mission and have four children- all boys 🙂 His wife came into the clinic the other day in labor. The nurses weren’t expecting any complications, but everyone was hoping the baby would

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Another foot guy…

Well, I forgot to post this story earlier on this week, but better late than never, right? For those of you that of a more squeamish constitution, I regret to tell you that we will, once again, delve into the realms of yuckiness 🙂 Some of these cases are (admittedly) not for the faint of

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A little one in need of oxygen

Finally! A break from the nasty, yucky and bloody cases that almost always come in! Yesterday a father brought his little 11 month-old baby to the clinic. It was wheezing, coughing and had a fever of 103 degrees. They checked out its o2 sat… it was in the low 70’s! They immediately put it on

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I’ve heard of “hen-pecked” but what do you do with someone that’s been “pig-bit”? 🙂 Apparently this guy was in market, hanging around the pig pens when one of the swine must’ve taken offense to his presence. It lashed out, lacerating this calf-muscle and making a mess of it. He came limping into the clinic

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A bump on the head…

Another day, another bump! Some youngsters came around the other day, one of them needing a bandage on his head. What they did, we’re not entirely sure, but they were working (“ap travay”) in their family garden when it happened. The result was a small puncture wound on the top of one little guy’s head.

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Update on a patient…

Remember that young man that jumped down a tree, landing squarely on his machete?  Well, he came back the other day for a checkup and things are looking great! Seems like it is healing up very well! Michael and Anita examining the cut: They decided to keep some stitches in, since it was still wanting

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More picking being done…

There have been so many incidents with picks you would almost wonder if there was a serial-picker going around, causing mayhem and panic amongst the inhabitants of Aleg. Well, it turns out, there is no one person inflicting all these injuries: with everyone working their gardens, it’s just Murphy’s law in full motion! 🙂 As you might

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Personnel Perspective…

Once in a while I like to get inside people’s days and see what goes on; hear how they feel about it and what makes their job, well… their job!This time I asked Breanna (one of our nurses down here) to write about her everyday life in the clinic and give us some perspective on

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