June 2012

A rule of thumb…

This phrase has it’s origins in old tradition, going as far back as ancient Persian culture (though in Persian, literally translated, it was “finger’s tip rule”) and is found in old English writings dating back to 1685… yet it still holds much meaning in our modern-day speech. It’s typically used to describe a principle- one

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Update on the “Major Infection!”

The man with the infected leg has been faithfully coming to the clinic, every day,  taking his medicine and cleaning the wound. His consistency is paying off, along with the faithfulness of our nurses taking care of him each afternoon.  Compare his leg in this image to the others here! The difference is quite amazing!! We know now (for

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Another baby…

Yesterday there was another baby born! Thankfully it was born around 3:30 in the afternoon instead of the middle of the night! It was a baby girl, weighed a mere 5.5lbs and entered into the world without any complications! Here she is! The proud father! The proud Grandmother! And the happy nurses! Unfortunately, the mother

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A busy day…

The large number of patients coming into the clinic continues; Within the last week the nurses saw over 400 people! People sitting outside, some waiting to be seen, some waiting for medicine,  others crowding around the pharmacy window. *** The nurses sterilize the medical instruments each month. Here are some shots of the tools they

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An accident with a pick…

This man, unfortunately, had an accident- an accident with a pick, that is. Yes, he was working in a garden crew and someone hit him with their pick and split his nose wide open!  (Please, no jokes about picking noses… 🙂 He came into the clinic Friday afternoon and Michael got right to work on

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The boy with the spliced ear…

Often we have patients come in with rock-related injuries; a rock fell on them, they fell onto a rock, some rocks gave way in their garden and they fell down the hillside… But none are more interesting than the stories which accompany the cases caused by thrown rocks: there is always some excuse, some reason,

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Another busy day!

Yesterday was another big day at the clinic! We had over 75 people come through. Last week we discovered why so many people have been coming through lately… there was a clinic about 2 hours away that was turned into a CTC because of a local epidemic- so all the people that normally would go

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