September 2014

The Big “C” Word

CHOLERA.  I was looking forward to being on call at the clinic for the weekend.   I assumed that with all the rain that we’ve been getting, it wouldn’t be too busy and I could get some other little things done.  I got started about 8:30 Saturday morning bandaging several return patients and seeing a […]

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Sunday-On Call!

( Hello, everyone! You guessed it. A lot of visitors using our Internet, and now you won’t get to hear from our world very often, until things are back to normal.)    I will try to give you a quick peak,and hopefully, the internet will be nice for a few minutes, here.    We have

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The Story of Tuesday

It’s Saturday again!  Let me think back a few days to Tuesday… We had a fairly normal clinic day, a lot lower-key of a day compared to Monday, but still enough to keep us running.   We figured we saw around 90 people Monday, 16 of them being pregnant ladies which was what kept me busy

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Clorox Kills-Jesus Saves

     We had just jumped out of bed. Our gardener came, a bit agitated, and told us that a friend had drunk Clorox. Mali ran and grabbed the hospital cot, so that they could bring the lady the rest of the way to the hospital. We threw ourselves somewhat together, and headed out the

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Sugar Highs and Rainy Skies

Have we written about Monique?  Or maybe you remember Alexi, the man that died a few weeks ago?  She is his older sister, 33 years old.   When she first came to the clinic a couple weeks ago looking like little more than a skin-covered skeleton, Rho asked her if she was a Christian, and she

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