March 2014

Two are Better then One

…especially when it comes to legs. 🙂 This poor man has an amputated leg due to a terrible infection he got after a fall. A few months ago he came in with 2 deep slashes in his head, right to the skull. We stitched him up and sent him home after a few days and … Read more

Bone Irrigation and other Projects

    It is 1:30. Kindra is sleeping. But not much longer. This is her last dream before a knock clangs on the compound gate. Our cute little neighbor lady is in labor. We met each other in the beautiful light of such an hour. An hour when the world is asleep and adventure awaits … Read more

One Hundred Thirty-Four

-That’s the number of maggots that Whit pulled out of an ulcer on a little old man this afternoon. We all started noticing a  rather offensive odor creeping into the clinic this afternoon.  Lo and behold, “Whit’s little man” had shown back up, smelling quite strongly of rotting flesh.  He had been coming to the … Read more

And so Our Week Begins…

It’s amazing how quickly Monday rolls around again.  I’m just glad that I have a job that I can actually look forward to going back to, rather than dread it. We were introducing a new prenatal form today, and Kate suggested that we use the occasion to get a group photo of all the nurses … Read more

Happy Little Things

    “Good-morning, Weelie! What’s up?”      I had to keep touching him to be sure that he was real. This little bouncy boy was a preemie baby, at death’s door just ten months ago…and now he is happy and fat. Today he came in with a Candidiasis infection and we treated him for … Read more

The Sad Suffering…

  …of the very old and the very young always seems most unfair. Like this little guy who had one of the saddest faces I’ve ever seen. His eyes, his skin, and his tiny limbs all spoke of terrible disease…or was it terrible neglect? Or both? His eyes were so strangely stretched open he couldn’t close them all the way. … Read more

Careful with hammers, folks!!

Jean Franz' foot, today. For you folks that have expressed interest in helping with his skin grafting, we did have contact with a potential hospital today. They are looking into possibilities and we should know soon what the options are! So keep praying about that.

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